While buying any audio device, always check the necessary things that should be in a good audio device. In an audio device, for getting better sound with an amplifier is needed.

An amplifier is a device used to increase the voltage, power or current of the signal.

In an audio device, an amplifier affects the quality of the sound in various ways. An amplifier mainly clarifies the volume but along with also modifies the tone of the sound. The type of amplifier decided the quality of sound. There are various types of audio amplifiers present in the market according to the increase in demand for good and clear sound speakers and devices.

Good amplifiers work to make the sound quality of the speaker better and louder. It modifies the quality of the sound and makes it clearly audible.


Here are the types of amplifier that are present in the market.

  • A Amplifiers – These types of amplifiers are the simplest ones. It is the linear type of amplifier but doesn’t have high efficiency. It used in the devices that need high linearity by low efficiency.
  • B Amplifiers – It has more efficiency as compared to the A amplifiers. These types of amplifiers have push-pull topology.
  • AB amplifiers – In these types of amplifiers, it has both the qualities of A and B amplifiers.
  • D amplifiers – The D amplifiers are used where you need to reduce power consumption and increase battery life. It is used in MP3 players, smartphones, and other audio devices where you need less power consumption.
  • G amplifier – These amplifiers are similar to the AB type of amplifiers. It has two supply of voltages, so that when the signal level changes they change according to it. When the signal is low it chooses low supply voltage and when the signal increases it chooses high voltage supply. It automatically shifts according to its requirement of the voltage supply.
  • H amplifier – The H amplifiers require various voltage supplies and shift according to its requirement.

types of amplifier


In this article, it is mentioned how the amplifier affects the quality of the sound and also using amp to improve sound quality. If you are interested in audio devices then this article will help you to know about the importance of amplifiers in an audio device. An amplifier always makes the quality of the sound good and also the audio speaker.