A microphone is a device used to convert sound waves into electrical waves, the type of microphone decides the conversion of the signal. Here you will know about condenser vs dynamic microphones.

Dynamic microphones

The dynamic microphones are very old fashioned in design because it is the oldest microphone.

In the dynamic microphone, the sound is produced when a sound wave hits the diaphragm.

Condenser microphone

In a condenser microphone, a sound is produced by a diaphragm, which is made up of two metal pieces. When electricity is passed through them, they produce sound.



Difference between the condenser and dynamic Microphones

Both the microphones are good according to their own needs. Still, there are few differences between dynamic and condenser microphones, few of them are mentioned below:

  • The construction model of the condenser microphone is more complex than dynamic microphones.
  • The dynamic microphone does not require any additional source of power whereas a condenser microphone requires additional phantom power or batteries.
  • The dynamic microphones can be used roughly whereas condenser microphones are designed in such a way that it needs proper and good care.
  • The dynamic microphones are way cheaper than the condenser microphones.
  • The dynamic microphones do not need any amplifier whereas consensus microphones are so sensitive and require an amplifier to produce sound.
  • Dynamic microphones are for recording in live performances and can record in high noise whereas condenser microphone is used for recording in a quiet environment.
  • The dynamic microphones are light weighted and can be easily carried anywhere whereas condenser microphones are heavy and cannot be carried from place to place easily.

Using Condenser versus dynamic microphones

The dynamic microphones are used for recording loud and strong sound such as in live concerts. It records high sounds of musical instruments such as drums and guitar etc.

The condenser microphones are used for recording soft and delicate sound with high frequencies such as in studios.


This article is about two types of microphones. The difference between dynamic microphones and condenser microphones are defined in this article. If you are interested in the audio recording then this article will help you to know about the types of microphones and choose according to your need. The dynamic microphones will help you to download in live concrete where the noise is high whereas condenser microphones are used for recording in studios.