Mainly the hearing troubles caused by listening to high-frequency sounds from 2000 to 8000 Hertz. It is caused when the sensory hearing cells die within your ears cochlea.

The standard hearing capacity of the people ranges between 20Hz to 20,000Hz of frequencies, the normal hearing range is about 1000Hz to 5,000 Hz, which is a human speech sound. The frequency of hearing is reduced by the loss of hearing ability.

At very low frequencies like 50Hz, a human ear cannot accept the sound. It is a very low frequency which can be heard only by a few animals. If a human ear will hear such a low-frequency sound then can be disturbed. At such a low frequency of 50Hz, always few sounds are produced in nature and if a human brain constantly hears such sounds then can cause mental instability.

not hearing

Causes of not hearing the 50 Hz frequency

Slight hearing loss – when you can listen to the whispering then it is considered as a slight loss of hearing. While having a slight hearing problem you can manage because a standard speech of a man can be easily audible and other sounds too.

Mild hearing problem – If you face a problem to hear a few words in a sentence or a conversation then It is a mild loss of hearing ability. While having mild loss of hearing, you can’t hear background noise and a few words of high pitch or Hz.

50 Hz frequency

Moderate hearing loss – During the moderate hearing loss, people tend to repeat themselves several times in a conversation. Both the moderate and mild hearing problems can be treated easily with few medical aids.

Severe hearing loss – when a normal speech sound is not audible without a hearing aid then it is severe hearing loss. It cannot be treated by can be modified by aid to some extent.

Profound hearing loss – It is a condition when human ears can only receive a sound at very high frequencies. A normal conversation is not audible if it is not loud.