My Press statement: Visiting Bandeath Dog Shelter

Stephen Kerr MP for Stirling visited Bandeath stray dog shelter, as part of a Dogs’ Trust campaign to support local shelters over dogs that have been smuggled into the country.

The SNP’s power grabs- hypocrisy over the Repeal Bill

Yesterday in the House of Commons, I had the pleasure of pushing back against the SNP, who are claiming that the Repeal Bill represents a power grab by the Westminster Government, and puts the devolved Government at risk of losing power.

Supporting Stirling’s Businesses

As the MP for Stirling and a supporter of local enterprise, I believe that we can do more to support Stirling’s local businesses, ones opened and run by Stirling residents to serve the nearby area.

The Manifesto for Strengthening Families

I am pleased to announce that the Manifesto for Strengthening Families will be launched today. I have given my support to the manifesto, as part of my commitment to the family as the strongest social unit.

The UK Government needs to have policies that support strong family units.

Stephen Kerr: August 2017

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