Lobbying the Fisheries Minister for Aquaculture funding

In my time as MP, I have been pressing the Government hard for investment into the Institute of Aquaculture and Global Aquatic Food Security and the Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre. Both of these are located at the University of Stirling.

How well does the DWP communicate?

This week, I asked a question of the Department for Work and Pensions regarding their communications with those who are disabled and vulnerable. I asked;

Asking for reflection on Universal Credit

In the Commons last week, I again asked for Ministers, who thus far have been extremely helpful and willing to consider new ideas, to reflect on the Select Committee Report, which includes recommendations for improving the service.

Standing up for our Union

Today, I had the pleasure of standing in Westminster Hall for a debate on two separate E-petitions; one for, and one against a second Independence Referendum.


Here’s what I said:

Asking the Government for investment in Aquaculture

I have asked the government – the Treasury in particular – to make a down payment on the Stirling city region deal. I asked for £20 million to realise the potential of aquaculture for the UK economy.