Kerr supports Guide Dogs "Streets Ahead" campaign

Stephen Kerr MP spoke with the charity Guide Dogs about the challenges that blind and partially sighted people face when walking the streets, including pavement parking, street clutter and shared spaces.

Kerr urges Prime Minister to act over Whisky tariff

The MP for Stirling has called on the Prime Minister to intercede personally to try and prevent the imposition of new tariffs on Single Malt Whisky and a range of other goods that are due to start on 18 October.

On civility in politics

I have long talked about the need for more civility in our politics. The conduct of members on both sides of the House of Commons yesterday was appalling.

Comment on the Supreme Court ruling

I would like to start off by saying that the Prime Minister and the Government will fully respect and abide by the judgement of the Supreme Court. The Court, in a landmark ruling, has now set out clearly the guidelines any Government must meet in the routine action of proroguing Parliament.

Kerr welcomes International Students policy

Stephen Kerr MP has welcomed the UK Government's announcement that International students graduating will be able to stay for 2 extra years after their course, without any extra visa required.

Stirling MP backs support for persecuted Christians

Stephen Kerr MP for Stirling has welcomed the news that the UK Government will be fully accepting the recommendations of the Bishop of Truro's report into overseas persecution of Christians.

My comments on the suspension of Parliament

The Prime Minister has asked the Queen to prorogue Parliament, marking the long-overdue end of this session of parliament. It’s an interesting fact that this sitting has been the longest since the “Long Parliament” of the English Civil War.