Thistles Centre lifts ban on Nativity scenes!

I have just heard that the Thistles Centre has overturned their policy that prevented them allowing nativity scenes. From Sunday onwards, a nativity will be able to be created for the benefit of all passing shoppers.

They had previously prevented organisations such as the Legion of Mary from holding a nativity, citing that they felt they had to be religiously and politically neutral. Myself and many others wrote in asking them to reconsider, on the basis that the centre is holding many Christmas-related events such as a Christmas market, making it perfectly reasonable in my view for them to host another great Christmas tradition.

I am delighted to hear that some common sense has been applied and that the Thistles Centre have the ability to acknowledge when they got it wrong. Changes to their policy should be made so this does not happen again. Everyone who has raised this with me thought it was pretty daft to prevent a nativity scene being displayed at Christmas and a case of ‘political correctness gone mad'!