Tackling Plastic Pollution: Event with Sir David Attenborough

Stirling MP and Sir David Attenborough pledge to tackle Plastics pollution


On Monday evening, Stephen Kerr MP for Stirling joined Sir David Attenborough CBE in Parliament to speak out on tackling plastic pollution across the globe.  Sir David is popularly accredited with bringing the issue of plastic pollution to the fore, with his much-acclaimed BBC One series Blue Planet.

At the event, it was announced that the UK Government has pledged aid support for plastic recycling in developing countries. The Department for International Development are calling for solutions to clearing plastic waste from the world’s oceans and rivers. The majority of plastic pollution is sourced from developing countries such as India and China.

Stephen Kerr MP said: “ Meeting Sir David was a fantastic privilege. He has done so much for the environment by raising awareness of the challenges the world faces, while also doing more than any other living man to introduce the UK public to how our world lives.

Sir David’s event put a spotlight on the UK’s commitment to reducing plastic waste across the world, and the opportunity for Britain to be at the forefront of these global conservation efforts.“

Sir David Attenborough CBE said: “Now the world globally is producing every year 400 million tonnes of plastic and 10 million tonnes of that goes into the oceans…The consequences of this both to humanity and life in the seas upon which we depend is hideous.”