Stirling's MP Stephen Kerr calls for automatic compensation for rail users.

A report by Which? Published last week, ranked Scotrail as one of the five worst rail companies for how compensation claims are processed and paid. The company requires 24 separate pieces of information from the customer before compensation can be paid. 

Some operators are using Automatic Compensation, which completely removes the need for a complicated claim to be made for electronic purchases. 

As it stands Automatic Compensation will not be introduced until new franchises are in place. The Scottish Government could act now and require them to be introduced earlier.

Stephen Kerr MP said :-

No-one is going to be surprised that Scotrail has come out as one of the worst offenders, and I fully support the call for the Scottish Government to finally act and bring in automatic compensation. I suspect we will only see operating companies improve their procedures and their performance when they cannot so easily control repayments for poor service. It's not acceptable to put so many hurdles in place for passengers to secure what they are due is not acceptable.