Stirling embracing disabled Railcard- but more to do!

Stephen Kerr MP for Stirling has welcomed new figures that show more Stirling people than ever before are using the Disabled person’s railcard, offered by Network Rail.

The figures show that in 2018, 16,209 people used a Disabled Person’s Railcard in Stirling, compared to 9,597 in 2015. That means a 68% increase.

The Disabled Persons Railcard offers a third off fare prices for the holder and a friend they are travelling with. Network Rail is working to encourage people who are eligible to sign up to this Railcard, you can find out if you’re eligible on their website:


Stephen Kerr MP said:

“It’s very positive to hear that more people than ever before are saving money using the disabled person’s railcard. I want every eligible person to know about this card that can take a third off the cost of rail travel. There’s a lot of things that will qualify you for this card such as having epilepsy, or a visual or hearing impairment. People that receive personal independence payments or Disabled living allowance for also qualify. If you are unsure how to find out please get in touch with my office so we can help."

Jac Starr, chief operating officer at the Rail Delivery Group, which represents train companies and Network Rail, said:

“We're working hard to improve the railway, making more stations step-free and adding thousands of new and refurbished carriages which are more accessible. While record numbers of people are saving money with the Disabled Persons Railcard, we want everyone to benefit from the improvements we’re making which is why we're encouraging everyone eligible to sign up. ”