Scotch Whisky exports soar: Stephen Kerr MP

Stirling MP Stephen Kerr has welcomed the news of another increase in the value of Scotch Whisky exports, which have now hit £5.5billion per year. This is up 10% since 2016.

Recent freezes to Whisky duty from the UK Government have help the industry maintain strong growth, and the work of the Department for International trade in Westminster has built a strong overseas market for UK goods.

In Stirling, the two distilleries at Glengoyne and Deanston will have benefited from this boost to the industry overall.

Stephen Kerr MP said:

“Scotland’s brand on the international stage keeps growing in power. The Department for International Trade and their campaign “Britain is Great” have worked hard to increase the exports of our best-known goods, and I’m glad to see it is working!”