Remembrance Sunday

This week, we will mark the 100th anniversary of the cession of hostilities ending World War One. This will be an occasion to demonstrate that 100 years on, we have not forgotten those who served in the armed forces, nor those who have served before or since. 

In Parliament there have been several campaigns aimed at supporting veterans and preserving the memories of ex-servicemen. The following are campaigns I have supported and will continue to support:

  • Care after Combat: This is a charity set up to support veterans in the criminal justice system.

    It's said that veterans are the single largest occupational cohort in prisons, and also one of the most vulnerable groups. Veterans very often need extra help to cope with the strains that serving their country puts on them, and never more so when they slip into the criminal system.

    This charity aims to reach every incarcerated veteran, to reduce reoffending and offer a route back into society and into civilian life.


  • Royal British Legion: As well as visiting the RBL stand at Conservative conference to add my name to the list of Parliamentary supporters, I welcomed Stirling RBL branch treasurer and secretary John Bell to my office. He told me what local branches need most is new members, so I was happy to join as an associate member and will be encouraging others to do the same. I also gave John a cheque from polling company YouGov, raised by doing MP surveys over the past year. (In photo)

    At this time of the year especially we must give full consideration to the Legion, as well as all charities raising money to help veterans of the armed forces.