MP Visits Swanswater Fishery

Story from Stirling News:…


STEPHEN Kerr MP visited the local Swanswater Fishery recently to hear about the business, tour the facility and discuss a problem regarding the water supply.


Cultenhove Dam, fed by water from Loch Coulter via the Sauchie Burn, has been in existence for over 200 years. The dam and lade were built to run local grain and sawmills. During the 1960’s the fish farm was built and shortly after that the present day Meadow Pond was dug out as a fishing pond. The next stage was to develop the Millpond as a fishing venue and that was how things stood until 1990 when the silted and overgrown Swanswater was dug out and cleared. The burn area and the area behind the islands were cleared out in 2004 with the latter also being dug out again in 2012. The fishery now consists of the 10 acre Swanswater, 2 acre Millpond and .75acre Meadow Pond.

The fishery attracts a large variety of wildlife including otter, several species of ducks and other water fowl, and regular summer visits from an Osprey.

Alasdair and Morna Lohoar took over the Fishery in November 1997 and have built up the business that now enjoys an excellent reputation as a well maintained facility stocking top quality trout.

Morna Lohoar said.

This was a great opportunity for Stephen to see the work carried out here and to learn more of the issues we have faced when the Howietoun Fishery run by Stirling University was closed down last year. Stephen managed to help us with getting the water supply increased but we need a written agreement with Scottish Water to ensure this is sustained every year.

Stephen Kerr MP said :-

I really enjoyed my visit. This is a perfect example of a well-run local business supplying a quality product, Now the immediate issue relating to water supply has been resolved we need to make sure the fishery can rely on Scottish Water to ensure a regular , adequate flow is maintained. I will be pursuing this with Scottish Water so a formal arrangement exists that removes the uncertainty.