MP condemns local SNP for scaremongering letter to EU citizens

The SNP and Stirling’s MSP Bruce Crawford have been accused of deliberately stoking up anxiety among EU nationals with a recent letter and leaflet sent to EU citizens living in the Stirling area.

The mailing was sent using taxpayers money from the office of Alyn Smith, SNP MEP. The letter and insert sent to EU citizens in Stirling contains links to local SNP social media and includes a link to join the SNP as a member.

In the  letter, jointly signed by Alyn Smith MEP and Bruce Crawford MSP, it advises that the UK Prime minister has spoken about EU citizens in ‘a shameful manner’  when she has been consistently clear about protecting their rights and that they are welcome and wanted in this country.

The letter is also used as an opportunity to talk about independence and advising how people can join the SNP as well as stating that “EU Nationals… are rightly worried about their rights”

The UK Government has been clear ever since the referendum result that they will do everything in their power to ensure EU citizens can stay in the UK, regardless of what happens with Brexit. The UK Government website outlines very clearly the simple steps to get settled status.

Stephen Kerr MP said:

People have called my office as a result of this letter and they are upset at its content.  It’s crystal clear that this is aimed at stoking up fear to generate support for the SNP and worded in such a way as to cause maximum anxiety. This is  disgraceful and demonstrates , yet again, the cynicism of the SNP and their desire to exploit  any situation for their own advantage. If the SNP were serious  about reducing people’s concerns their MPs would support a sensible, managed deal. Anyone who has any concerns about this should contact my office.