MP calls for re-installation of Bannockburn ATMs

Stirling MP Stephen Kerr has contacted Stirling Council seeking agreement that that free to use ATMs are reinstalled at the site of the former Bannockburn RBS.

On the 12th of November last year, RBS Bannockburn branch closed. The branch was originally scheduled to shut 5 months earlier, but after meetings with Mr Kerr RBS made the decision to keep it open for longer, until the new City Centre branch could be opened.

The building is owned by Stirling Council and there are plans to use the location to open a Credit Union branch. In response to loss of these and other free to use ATMS being lost Stephen has expressed his support for free to use machines to be put back in place and provide a service to the local community.


Stephen Kerr said:

High Street free to use ATMs are vital to the health of local communities. Having at least one reinstated at this central location would be extremely useful for the community and local businesses.  I am asking the Council to investigate all options for doing so.