Kerr welcomes International Students policy

Stephen Kerr MP has welcomed the UK Government's announcement that International students graduating will be able to stay for 2 extra years after their course, without any extra visa required.

The policy is focused on retaining talent, while keeping our strict immigration laws. The move will apply to Int. students who have completed a course at any institution which has undertaken immigration checks. 

Universities such as Stirling University have in the past raised the loss of potential, as talented students who have spent years in the UK learning, building relationships, and adapting to the local culture have to leave after their course. International students pay up to £50,000 to take a course in the UK.


Stephen Kerr said:-

“This is a very welcome announcement from the UK Government. The higher education sector in both England and Scotland has, for some time, been arguing very strongly for changes to be made and this announcement will address many of their main concerns. I am delighted that the Government has listened to these concerns and those raised by MPs, including myself.

“The success of our universities depends on their ability to attract the very best students and staff. The current policies are too restrictive. There was evidence that  international post-graduates and staff were finding it difficult, if not impossible, to complete their studies. That was hampering the ability of our institutions to be at the cutting edge of the knowledge exchange and was undermining major research projects.

Searching for a post-graduation job and starting your career can take time. The extension of the Visa period will enable many more successful overseas students to do that, keeping their talents here in the UK.

This is very good news for the Scottish economy and our excellent universities.