Kerr urges Scottish Minister to call time on Park of Keir


Elected representatives at all levels have written a joint letter to the Planning Minister, Kevin Stewart, calling for him end the uncertainty and anxiety caused by the continued delay to a decision on  Park of Keir development.

Stephen Kerr MP, Alexander Stewart MSP and local Councillor Alastair Majury have signed a letter  urging the Minister to finally call time on the proposal. The Independent Scottish Government appointed Reporter clearly turned down the application on appeal, supporting the Council’s planning committee’s earlier decision. The Scottish Government called in the application citing ‘ National’ importance , a reason derided by everyone except the Scottish Government and the applicant.

It is now over two years since Scottish Ministers controversially granted permission and no agreement between the developers and the Scottish Government  has been reached on the conditions attached. Despite numerous extensions being given it must be the case that they cannot be properly addressed. A decision to refuse now must be taken.

Stephen Kerr MP said: -

No more delays or excuses are justifiable. The Scottish Government should be thoroughly ashamed of its conduct. If the conditions cannot be met they must not be watered down to allow the Scottish Government to push the development through just so they can save face.

Alexander Stewart MSP commented:-

“In all my years, firstly as a Councillor and now as an MSP, I have never known a planning application to be extended for this long. The local community must be kept better informed.  This whole issue has been mismanaged and badly handled from the start and the community is being treated with utter contempt. The Scottish Government pledge that their planning service delivery is “Efficient, inclusive, fit for purpose and sustainable; I beg to differ!

Comment from Cllr Alastair Majury

“I urge the Scottish Government and in particular the Minister for Local Government and Planning to finally listen to what the Community Councils, the Council, and Independent Planning Reporter have said about this proposal. With the British National Tennis Academy at the University of Stirling, an unviable tennis facility at Park of Keir simply isn’t needed.”





To: Kevin Stewart MSP

Dear Minister

Park of Keir Development

As you are aware, The Park of Keir development is a planned build of luxury housing and sports facilities on the greenbelt between Bridge of Allan and Dunblane, off the Keir Roundabout. 

The developers claim the housing is essential to fund the sports facilities even though it will only provide 10 - 20% of the initial build cost. The developer also claims that the sports facilities will be of local and national benefit despite there being no evidence of any demand, no evidence that this is the best site and no viable business plan. 

The Local council, community councils, residents, and the Scottish Government's own planning expert disagreed. The proposed development would mean the destruction of a large area of greenbelt separating the distinct towns of Bridge of Allan and Dunblane, and it would increase the traffic on the already congested Keir roundabout. The Scottish Government Reporter, at the Public Inquiry, confirmed the validity of objections and recommended refusal of the application.

However, instead of listening to the views of our local constituents and their own planning expert, the Scottish Government ran roughshod over local democracy and in August 2017 gave permission for the build. 

Now, after numerous extensions it is clear that agreement to reach the conditions cannot be met.

Our constituents are being treated with utter contempt and are demanding that the Minister look urgently again at this application, respect local democracy and reject the application once and for all. We would like the opportunity of having a face-to-face discussion to reiterate just how strongly the feeling is in the area and look forward to hearing from you in early course.

Yours sincerely

Alexander Stewart MBE MSP              Stephen Kerr MP                     Councillor Alastair Majury