Kerr tries out Bolt Mobility Scooters

Stirling MP Stephen Kerr has met with new tech company, Bolt Mobility, where he learned more about a new product aimed at taking cars off the road and reducing pollution and congestion in city centres.

The electric scooters and bikes made by Bolt Mobility are designed to be safe and usable for all, and also good for the environment. A journey made by electric bike is a journey not made by car or bus.

The company is backed by Olympian and worlds fastest man Usain Bolt. The scooters and bikes have already been successfully launched in cities across the USA and recently in Paris.  Under present legislation the scooters are illegal in the UK for use on roads and pavements. The event in Parliament was to introduce MPs to the product and begin the debate about legislation could be changed while maintaining safety.

The MP talked with Co-Founder of Bolt Mobility Sarah Haynes, who told Stephen they want to put these electric scooters and bikes on the streets of the UK, and are asking pedestrians and drivers if they would feel safe with more of them on the road.

Stephen Kerr MP said:

These bikes could make a real difference to the lives of people who aren’t as mobile as they used to be, keeping people active for longer. They'll also mean less journeys by car and therefore a lower Carbon Dioxide output.  Of course, there is also the potential impact on drivers and pedestrians of an increase in bikes and scooters on our roads. It is extremely important we have a thorough debate about how these benefits can be realised while keeping safety as the top priority. I would welcome people’s thoughts on this!