Kerr supports UK Climate Conference bid

Stephen Kerr calls for UK to host COP Climate Change conference

Stirling MP Stephen Kerr has supported the UK’s bid to host the 2020 UN Climate Change Conference, Conference Of Parties (COP) 26.  He has signed a letter along with MPs from all parties encouraging the UK Government to continue to pressure the UN in order to host this hugely important conference.

The 2020 conference is being organised for countries to update their commitments to the Paris Agreement. It was originally due to be held in Brazil, but the Brazilian Government have pulled out of hosting it, leaving a gap. The country that hosts the conference will have the responsibility of controlling an event bound to be dominated by diplomacy and debate over each country's 2016 pledges. 

In this 2016 agreement, nations came together to make pledges to tackle Climate Change by reducing their CO2 emissions. The overall aim is to limit global warming to 1.5degrees Celcius.

The last Conference  Of Parties ,COP24, was held in Poland at the end of last year. It saw countries debating and settling discussions about the use of Carbon Credits with relation to the Paris Agreement.

Stephen Kerr MP said:

It is vital that the UK plays a significant  part in tackling Climate Change. We should want to host this conference and do everything we can to ensure Countries deliver on their commitments. The UK has a great deal of world leading technology in areas such as Carbon Capture and Storage that needs to be exported all around the globe. Showing our determination to lead the way by hosting this conference and making sure it is a success is just one thing we can do.