Kerr supports new Stirling Whisky Experience

Stephen Kerr and Jackson Carlaw visited the popular Stirling Arcade and spoke to Jack Breslin from the Scottish Gantry and Kevin Moore from the Arcade about the exciting plans to establish a visitor centre telling the story of Whisky in Scotland.  The centre recently received approval for their plans  from Stirling’s Licensing Board.

Whisky is renowned around the world. It is our biggest export and a source of national pride. Stirling sits at the heart of Scotland but- until now- has not had a whisky attraction. 

The new Stirling Whisky Centre will have a unique offering that will bring the rich history of whisky to life. The attraction will be a living, tasting, smelling, seeing and touching experience. Using state of the art technology, virtual reality and good old fashioned whisky experts.

The centre will take people on a journey from the seed to the cask and to the bottle. There will be entertainment on offer for both visitors and residents of Stirling. 

The aim is to provide a city centre ‘must visit’ location that will mean the huge number of visitors that take in the established attractions such as the Castle, Wallace Monument and Battle of Bannockburn centre will also come to the city centre and have a much bigger impact on Stirling’s local economy. This will bolster Stirling's evening offering and increase peoples stay in the city.

The centre is planned to be open by Christmas.

Stephen Kerr MP said :-

This is a really exciting project and one that will provide a wonderful and contemporary journey through the history of Whisky production in Scotland.  This is exactly the type of high quality offering we need to encourage in and around Stirling and I look forward to it being up and running as soon as possible.

Jack Breslin, owner of ‘The Scottish Gantry’ said :-

We were delighted to get the go  ahead for our plans  and the support we have received from so many people. This is a really exciting major project for Stirling and I believe it will be really popular with visitors and locals alike. It was a pleasure to show Stephen and Jackson around and talk to them about the potential for this to make such a positive impact for businesses across the city.