Kerr comments on Brexit votes

The Prime Minister should be congratulated for getting a deal that has, finally, received support from the House of Commons. That is a significant achievement especially when we remember just how many said that would be impossible. It is extremely frustrating that parliament then put the bill into limbo by rejecting the timetabling. MPs should be prepared to sit all day and all night in the coming week to get this legislation through so we can leave on the 31st of October or as soon as possible afterwards. The Country desperately needs this uncertainty ended and cannot afford more self-indulgent game playing.

We will now see just what sort of extension the EU offer us. It is entirely possible they will offer an extension with a clause that allows us to leave immediately if we get a deal. This would mean we could get Brexit sorted very soon, by the middle of next month.

One thing is certain; the SNP, will continue to use every opportunity Brexit presents to pursue their drive for a second independence referendum. That is all they have ever been interested in. They continue to muster as much grievance as possible to stoke those fires. The SNP do not speak for Scotland. The bombast and manufactured outrage will, no doubt, continue unabated as they are incapable of anything else. They could decide to be part of the solution, but it is in their own interests to ignore that of the nation and actively remain part of the problem.

The SNP will have one thought in their heads when it comes to a General Election and that will be to get a mandate for a second independence referendum. I look forward to helping ensure that does not happen. I am confident the Scottish people are fed up of the SNPs refusal to accept any referendum result and their idea of pushing Scotland through two re-runs of the most divisive referendums we've ever held.