Kerr cares for cats: Cats Protection campaign

Stephen Kerr, MP for Stirling met with volunteers from ‘Cats protection’ and staff at the Bruceview vets practice to raise awareness of the campaign being run by the organisation in conjunction with local vets that allows people to get their cats ‘snipped and chipped’ for £5.

Cats Protection have recently launched a £5 Snip & Chip campaign across Forth Valley for all eligible cat owners. This allows cat owners that are on a low income, benefits, pensioners or students to get their cats snipped & chipped from only £5. Getting your cat neutered has lots of health and welfare benefits. As well as preventing unplanned litters it helps protect them from nasty diseases and some cancers. If your cats chipped this increases the chances of a happy reunion should they go missing.

There are a number of vets across Forth Valley who are supporting the campaign and eligible cat owners simply find their nearest participating vet by going to and make an appointment. Cats Protection are also on the prowl for cat loving volunteers to help them help more cats across Forth Valley. For more information on our volunteer roles please contact Sarah Reid on 0797 6432709

Stephen Kerr said:

"This is a really good campaign and a great opportunity for those that may find the costs involved difficult to manage. This helps with your pets health and means that your much loved moggy can easily be identified should it go missing."