Kerr campaigns for cleaner buses

Stirling MP Stephen Kerr has called for a greener bus network in Stirling and across Scotland, by developing hybrid buses and embracing new technology that makes buses more efficient.

He has written to FirstBus directly asking what their future plans are in this regard, and is also raising the issue in the UK Parliament.

In response, Firstbus outlined that they have made several batches of hybrid buses available in the Stirling area, including the Uni-Link service between the University Campus and the Stirling City Centre. They also stated that to further reduce their emissions they are developing a system called “Gyrodrive”, whereby energy is stored whenever the bus uses its brakes. The technology is currently troublesome and Firstbus are working to improve its effectiveness.

FirstBus are also linking up with Transport Scotland to maintain their current batch of hybrid buses, however the vast majority of buses used are diesel powered.

Stephen Kerr MP said:

“FirstBus are making good progress with help from Transport Scotland, yet we need to speed up the process of rolling out both hybrid buses and developing the Gyrodrive units for reliable use.

By doing this, we will both reduce our Carbon footprint, and improve the air quality in Stirling and in cities across Scotland.”