Kerr calls on Council to provide adequate bus services for St Modans

Stirling MP Stephen Kerr has supported parents in pushing for adequate bus services to and from St Modan’s High School, Stirling.

The problem has arisen as Stirling Council have given out new contracts for several bus services serving St Modans, which has left parents frustrated at the poorer quality of these services. Complaints include insufficient seating for children and parents.

The contact formerly went to FirstBus Midland, who tendered a new contract for the service but were rejected by the Council.

Stephen Kerr MP said:

"I am extremely alarmed to hear about this situation and the number of angry and frustrated parents contacting my office is growing. There has been no notice given which is appalling.

What on earth are parents & pupils expected to do? Exams are just about to start and there are some pupils affected that attend the autism unit. Given the circumstances and lack of notice there is, at the very least, a moral obligation on the council to provide adequate transport for all the pupils that I expect to be fulfilled.

We also need to ask why there was a school transport contract terminating before the end of term.

I have written to the Council seeking urgent information and will work with the Council and parents to find a resolution"