International students at INTO Stirling

I met with international students from around the world at INTO Stirling, the University of Stirling's hub for students from around the world.

It was good and very important for future policy to hear their experiences of applying for study visas. While there were some model stories where the process was easy there were also problems identified, which it is important for the Home Office to register.

In more positive news, all the students were enjoying Stirling and the warm welcome they had been offered by locals and fellow students. Interestingly, students from warmer climates appreciated our cooler weather, something Scottish students may disagree with!

There were also discussions with INTO staff about immigration policy for students. I am determined that the UK should be a welcoming place for talented people who want to stay, and as such I have written to the Home Secretary asking for flexibility in the new immigration system that offers control but also allows us to welcome students who want to stay on after their degrees. 

Thank you to all the students and staff for a very interesting discussion.