Glasgow chosen as UK host city for major UN climate change conference

Stirling’s MP, Stephen Kerr, has welcomed the news that Glasgow has been chosen as the UK city to host the UN Climate Change conference, COP26, in 2020. Should the UK Governments bid to host the conference be successful then this vitally important conference will take place in Glasgow.

The MP for Stirling has also organised a round table public event on Climate Change and the Environment taking place on September 5 in the Victoria Halls in Dunblane where there will be an opportunity to discuss the UK Government programmes and what more needs to be done.  The Stirling area has an impressive track record and in depth expertise in this area.

Should the two week Conference take place in Glasgow, there will also be significant benefits for Stirling and the whole of the central belt.  There will be an opportunity for Council and other agencies to make use of the expertise and networking opportunities  that this conference will bring. Stephen is also keen to invite delegates to Stirling to see some of impressive projects and initiatives being progressed across the Constituency. Given the ability to travel between the cities by electric train all these opportunities can be realised in a sustainable way.

It is estimated that 30,000 delegates and 200 World Leaders would be attending. The UK is in a joint bid with Italy to host the  event with the main conference taking place in Glasgow.

Stephen Kerr said:-

I am delighted that such an important event could be taking place so close to our area and I hope we take all the opportunities it will bring. The event I am organising in September has already met with a very positive response that shows not only the amount of interest there is but also the depth of knowledge and expertise present across Stirling. I hope the 2020 conference takes place in Glasgow and I hope we make the most of the expertise that will be on our doorstep.

The announcement is being reported by the BBC here.