Forthbank Care Home open day

Stirling MP Stephen Kerr took part in the Forthbank Care Home open day as a part of the nationwide Care Home Open Day.

Care Home Open Day is about creating links between care homes, their residents, and their local communities, breaking down the myths around care homes and enriching people’s lives by bringing them closer together. It also encourages care home residents and local children to take part in arts and crafts contests to be judged on the day.

The Forthbank Care Home open day featured tea and cakes with residents and visitors meeting and discussing their life experiences and hobbies, as well as an art contest judged by the Lord-Lieutenant of Stirling and Falkirk, Alan Simpson.

Stephen Kerr MP and Cllr Douglas Dodds joined the Lord-Lieutenant in firstly cutting the ribbon to celebrate the refurbishment of Forthbank Care home, and then judging the art contest which featured rosettes for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd placed entries in the children’s, residents, artists’, and group effort categories.

Stephen Kerr MP said:

“ It was wonderful to meet everyone at the Forthbank Care Home, and see for myself the results of the recent refurbishment and what is still planned. Care Home Open Day is a wonderful idea that makes you think differently about care homes and their role in society, and I encourage people to take part in next year’s event.

The team at Forthbank deserve a lot of credit, as do carers across the country for the vital service they provide. “