Finnich Glen/Devil's Pulpit parking problem

Following a discussion with Council Officers and the local Police Force, I can now provide updates on the situation at Finnich Glen/Devils Pulpit.


Since contacting the police about this same issue last year, bollards have been placed along some of the side roads. This has prevented parking along those roads, but the problem has persisted along the main road. Additionally coaches are now stopping there to drop paying tourists off and making the issue worse. The idea of creating an offroad car park was floated, and is still being developed.

We need to have double yellow lines all along the main roads by the Pulpit, and these need to be enforced.

One problem that currently exists is that Stirling Council's enforcement is not available 7 days a week and on weekends, which it needs to be to properly enforce the yellow lines.

Another problem is that the fine set by the Scottish Government is only £30. Many just take the risk, in the knowledge that the fine is low if they do get caught.

Until offroad car parking is developed, police and the council must enforce the public roads with strong deterrents.

What I will do is continue to work with Stirling Council and the local Police to develop a strategy have parking restrictions in place, and for these to be policed. I'll also write to the Scottish Government expressing my concern about the low fines and continue to develop the idea of an offroad car park.

Easter Weekend showed us we need to get this in order before the summer.