Devil's pulpit update: Litter

Below is a response I received from the Council regarding the litter at Finnich Glen/Devil’s Pulpit. I'd raised the query due to receiving complaints about the amount of litter in the area.

This is another example of the ‘Take it Home’ policy not working – and why did they install a bin if that’s is the policy?

Having a policy to take litter home is just clearly not working at locations like this, and it appears the council recognise that fact by having located a bin there. I cannot quite understand why anyone would want to steal it but another bin should be installed and fixed so it cannot be removed rather than just revert back to a system that was not working. What always baffles me is that people visit these beautiful places and think its OK to leave a mess.

Looking forward I'll continue to urge Stirling Council to progress the plans for a car park, to alleviate the most serious problem at the Pulpit which is of course the dangerous parking.



Thank you for your enquiry. 

In your enquiry, you asked for officers to carry out a litter pick up from Devil’s Pulpit and to find out what litter-prevention measures are being implemented at this site.

Our Land Services team have confirmed that a mobile Street Cleansing team have been tasked to litter pick and monitor this area. In terms of litter-prevention measures, signage exists advising that any litter should be taken home. Land Services confirmed that a litter bin was trialled last year but discontinued as it was stolen a few weeks after being sited.

Our Enforcement officers have confirmed that they will also carry out necessary enforcement action when they are in the area of Devil’s Pulpit.