Comment on the Supreme Court ruling

I would like to start off by saying that the Prime Minister and the Government will fully respect and abide by the judgement of the Supreme Court. The Court, in a landmark ruling, has now set out clearly the guidelines any Government must meet in the routine action of proroguing Parliament. Future Governments will be able to act accordingly.


Now we have this clarification of the rules from the Supreme Court, the past precedent which made the Prime Minister’s prorogation valid is no longer the case. This ruling has changed our understanding of the constitution which previously saw Parliament prorogued almost on a yearly basis for varying lengths of time over the centuries without legal challenge.


Although this news will no doubt dominate the headlines and Parliament will now return, the aim of the Prime Minister will not change. He wants to get us a deal with the EU and leave on or before October the 31st, so we can get Brexit delivered and move on from this impasse. I’ve voted for a deal three times before and I’m eager to get the chance to do so again.


It is vital we uphold results of referendums, whether it be the referendum on Scottish Independence or on EU membership. We must not disregard decisions of referendums. When people have been told they are making the decision by Parliament, Parliamentarians must stand by that.  


In the Prime Minister’s words, we’re going to get on with it!