On civility in politics

I have long talked about the need for more civility in our politics. The conduct of members on both sides of the House of Commons yesterday was appalling. This parliament is fast becoming discredited in the eyes of the very people we are elected to represent and I would urge members on all sides to reflect and moderate their language. 
Why were so many members so desperate for a recall if this is what Parliament is going to spend its time doing ? What we were subjected to last night serves no constructive purpose whatsoever.
If all we are going to deliver to the people of this country in the next few weeks is more of the same, I would rather that Parliament had not been recalled. It is the highest privilege for anyone to have been elected as an MP. There comes with that privilege a responsibility to conduct ourselves in a manner that reflects the highest standards, especially in the most difficult of situations. That is what the people of this country should expect and demand of us.
It is incumbent on all members to work constructively and rise above the rancour, to set a good example to the country rather than amplify destructive discourse.
I was deeply impressed by the measured and powerful language used by Brendan Cox. I would struggle to find a better way to express those very thoughtful sentiments and I would urge people to make themselves aware of what he has said.