Banking survey results!

Over 800 people have now responded to my banking survey, giving me their views and current banking situation. The survey was taken mostly by people in Rural Stirling, people who have the least access to banks. However many people from Bannockburn, Bridge of Allan, and Dunblane, communities which have recently lost branches, also took part.

Below are the results. You can see some of the more significant results and my comments on them here:

A great many comments attached supported the idea of banking hubs, which could secure the future of branch banking in communities where it is under threat and potentially provide a new resource for communities which have lost their last branch. I will take this forward.

A lot of people also voiced concerns about banking in post offices, saying that their post office service was a mobile one, and that they did not feel that there was enough privacy in post offices. This reinforces the need for a dedicated banking service that would be provided in a hub.
Overall, it is clear that there is significant support for maintaining a good branch service network with free ATMs.  Digital banking is a useful resource for many, but we must ensure that people who cannot use it, for various reasons, have the option of branch banking.

Thanks again to everyone who took part in the survey. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me with any questions you have.


Stephen Kerr MP Banking survey results


Is there a branch of any bank in your area?

Yes:        57.08%

No:        42.92%


Does your bank have a branch in your area?

Yes:        38.57%

No:        61.43%


Have you had difficulty using telephone banking?   

Yes, poor service:    28.57%

Yes, disability:    8.93%

No:    62.5%


Have you had difficulty using digital banking?   

Yes, Don't know how to use:    22.01%

Yes, slow internet:    19.14%

Yes, other reasons:   16.27%

No:    42.58%


Did you know that some post offices can be used for banking services?

Yes:        85.44%

No:        14.66%


Does your local post office offer banking services?

Yes:        43.75%

No:        56.25%