Board of Trade Meeting: Stirling

Stirling was the location for the first board of trade meeting in Scotland last week as Liam Fox, Secretary of State for International Trade convened the meeting in Stirling Castle. The board of trade was re-established last year, but has been in existence  since 1696.

A new department for the Union could boost all of Britain

The United Kingdom is the most successful political union in the history of the world. Beyond economics and trade, family ties and cultural similarities that have built up over the past 300 years bind together the family of peoples that is the modern UK.

Callander Community Hydroelectricty

Fantastic to visit the Hydroelectricity project at Callander, to see the one of the first community-run hydro plants in the UK! Frank Park and Paul Prescott from the trust gave me a tour of the facilities.

Stephen Kerr launches ME awareness campaign

Stirling MP Stephen Kerr is backing a campaign designed to help ME patients obtain a diagnosis from their GP.

Charity, the ME Association, fear that a lack of understanding could lead to patients’ concerns being dismissed as fatigue or depression.

Freedom of Religion or Belief

Freedom of Religion or Belief is vitally very important to me. Regardless of which faith you follow or practice or indeed choose not to, you should have the right to do so without undue hindrance or aggression in accordance with Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Dunblane Museum

I visited the Dunblane to deliver the Hansard record of the debate on Local Museums, in which I spoke to outline the importance of museums such as the one in Dunblane.

Cononish Gold Mine

A fantastically interesting visit to the Cononish Gold Mine at Tyndrum, which right now contains up to £200 million worth of gold! Thank you to Scotgold's Chris Sangster and local Cllr Jeremy McDonald for showing me around.