Nuisance Phone Calls

This month, I submitted my first legislation to the House of Commons. This 10-Minute Rule bill gave me ten minutes to set out my case for stronger legislation on Nuisance Phone Calls, before the bill moves to second reading. Each bill is read 3 times in the Commons and 3 times in the Lords.

This will be a campaign for me going forward- Friday the 6th of July is the bill's next reading. 

Over 70 Million Nuisance Phone Calls are made every year, and so many of us have been targetted by these calls. These include calls by scammers, who every year cheat vulnerable people out of millions of pounds.

Watch as I submit my Nuisance Phone Calls bill to the House of Commons! The traditions of the House make submitting a bill an interesting experience for an MP, with lots of bowing! I was delighted to be able to have the opportunity to bring this important issue before my colleagues, with support from over 100 MPs.

Friday, the 6th of July is the date for the next stage of my bill, and before then it would be great to be able to use real examples to strengthen my case in support of the bill. Please do get in touch if you have any!

Watch my full speech to the Commons here, where I set out the case for cutting down on Nuisance phone calls:


Supporting the Work Trials Bill (Video)

I'm supporting MP Stewart McDonald's Work Trials Bill, on the basis that fairness in work is something we can all contribute towards, regardless of party.

I'll be speaking in favour of it and voting for it on the 16th of March.

Lobbying the Fisheries Minister for Aquaculture funding

In my time as MP, I have been pressing the Government hard for investment into the Institute of Aquaculture and Global Aquatic Food Security and the Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre. Both of these are located at the University of Stirling.

Asking the Government for investment in Aquaculture

I have asked the government – the Treasury in particular – to make a down payment on the Stirling city region deal. I asked for £20 million to realise the potential of aquaculture for the UK economy.