Policy positions

Read my policy positions on the most important aspects of the day. Regularly updated. 

3. Improve infrastructure

Transport links across Stirling are a regular problem- often raised to me by constituents. The quality of the roads is of particular concern; for many years some roads have been in a sorry state. 

4. Boosting connectivity

Many people in rural Stirling have trouble with slow, ineffective broadband. This makes it difficult to work and live in rural areas, which in turn puts a stopper on growth in these areas.

5. Putting a stop to Anti-Social Behaviour

Crime is a problem across Stirling, from dog fouling to drug abuse. I will engage with Police Scotland as I have in the past to link victims to the authorities and stand up for law abiding communities.

Street Surgeries

Every Saturday, I hold a street surgery. In these surgeries, my team - which includes local Councillors and MSPs- will go door to door in an area to hear concerns from local people.